How To Get What You Want or Need for Free

Throughout my life, I have been blessed with a lot of free things.

Here are some tips to help you find the things that you want or need for free.

Don’t be afraid to dumpster dive

When you see something on the curb side for the trash man to pick up, usually it’s free game. Some towns even have days where they put things out on the curb side specifically so that neighbors can have their pick of free stuff. We have friends and family that have gotten bookshelves, grills, vacuum cleaners, and mirrors all for free. Don’t be afraid to dumpster dive for free stuff.

Use social media to find free stuff

Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist both have sections for zero cost items. Writing a post about needing free stuff is a great idea too. For example: “Hey guys! Does anyone have old canning jars laying around that they would like to get rid of? You will be surprised at how much stuff people have that they may just need a nudge to get rid of. Social media is a great place to get free things.

Be willing to clean up after people for the things you want or need.

For instance, do you know someone that has had a garage sale recently? Maybe they need help cleaning up and would be willing to give you the leftover stuff for no charge if you will help remove it. Might you know someone that has recently had a loved one pass away? Perhaps they need help after the estate sale to get rid of things that were not sold. Maybe you know someone that is downsizing? In other words, they may be willing to just give you items to take home instead of lugging it all to a thrift store.

Similarly, do you need building materials for a project around the house or garden? Perhaps you have a friend or an acquaintance that owns a construction company that could use some help on the clean up crew. It may be easier for them to give you the leftovers than to take the materials to a dump. And who wants to see good construction materials to go a land fill?

Be willing to take more than you bargained for.

Sometimes in order to get free stuff, you’re gonna have to take some things that you didn’t necessarily want. It is worth getting all of the unwanted stuff if you end up with just one thing that you needed or wanted. You can always take the remainder to a local thrift store. Or maybe someone you know needs something at no cost as well! Pass the blessings along. Other people like free stuff as well.

Bartering is a great way to get free stuff

What skills do you have that you could trade do get stuff for free? Maybe you are a great baker. Maybe you do hair or perhaps you have a plow on the front of your truck. Is it possible to trade some homemade bread for three dozen eggs? Can you give a few hair cuts for a massage? Perhaps you have the ability to plow a driveway for two bottles of kombucha? These are great ways to get things for free.

baked loaves of golden sourdough bread life full and frugal


Be willing to ask for free stuff

Let people know that you have a need. For example, if you want to start making kombucha, you may want to ask for some free stuff. Do you know a bar tender that would be willing to give you empty liquor bottles? Ask. In addition, do you know someone that works at a deli that might have empty 1 gallon glass jars? Ask. Does someone you know have a Goodwill pile that looks like it might have some cool stuff in it? Ask.

We have gotten some amazing free things from simply asking. My very first french enamel ware dutch oven was from a friend’s Goodwill pile.

Is it possible that you know someone that has beautiful perennial beds or house plants? Often these plants need to be divided, so it might help that person keep their plants healthy to pass along the cuttings from their plants to you. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

 Be willing to ask and you will be surprised how many people will be willing to respond. You have to be bold and humble all in the same breath.

There is power in asking!


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  1. Jersey

    Lol love your blog. Will sign up if I don’t get banned from the internet like FB. Lol

    • Shanna

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Jersey! Loved checking out your website! You have an amazing story! We have renovated 2 homes…can NOT imagine building 7! Good luck with your blog! It’s not easy to be vulnerable, but our stories are worth telling! God bless! ~Shanna


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