How to Afford Good Pans in the Kitchen

In living the frugal lifestyle, you must never believe that well made things are out of your budget. Every woman who has a kitchen and likes to cook or bake, needs decent pans. Cast iron enamel pans are a wonderful investment that will be used for generations, if properly cared for.

I grew up watching my Mom use cast iron pans. They are relatively inexpensive and they are work horses in the kitchen. Lodge is a wonderful brand made in the US. However, I fell in love with French cooking, and wanted the beautiful cast iron enamel pans I saw in cookbooks and magazine articles.

They were completely out of my budget, but I still really wanted them. I was able to get a beautiful cast iron enamel pan from Williams- Sonoma, but I had to save for it. Then I discovered Ebay and realized there were a lot more options if I did not mind colors that were not really trendy, but retro or vintage.

I also realized there are many more companies besides Le Creuset that made cast iron enamel pans. Now I have a hodgepodge of pans of all different colors and different brands. They are all vintage, but there are new companies of all kinds that are making them that are even cheaper than vintage.




How To Find Cast Iron Enamel Pans:

My number one tip for finding inexpensive cast iron enamel pieces is to go vintage and look on Ebay. Don’t be afraid to bid on a piece when you come across one that you like. It might not be there the next time you look! There are literally hundreds of pieces of vintage Le Creuset, Descoware, and Dansk. Additionally, you will find vintage brands like Copco, Prizer Ware, Kobe, and Dru Holland for sale online. All of the companies I just mentioned are no longer in production, with the exception of Le Creuset. This means that you will get a unique piece that you will not find in a department store.

Along with ebay purchases, I have also found a few pieces at antique stores, Goodwill, and thrift stores. Of course, I keep my eyes peeled for deals online, and sometimes get blessed when I am out and about looking for a deal. Also something to remember if your heart is set on the Le Creuset brand, you should look for their big sales. They are held twice a year in February and in July.

Why invest in cast iron enamel pans?

They are easy to clean, they feel so substantial, and they are really well made. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. Above all, they cook all sorts of dishes beautifully with even heat and perfect caramelization. You will love using these pans to cook for friends and family! 

Happy hunting for some gorgeous vintage cookware!

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  1. Janel Haley

    Thank you for supplying all the brands I should look for! One day I’d like to expand my collection.


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