Creating Frugal Eclectic Fall Decor

Fall has finally arrived, and I am celebrating by creating frugal eclectic fall decor in my dining room! I browsed all the closets and cabinets in my house looking for beautiful things for the table. Then I headed outside to see what was still blooming for some super frugal flower arrangements. I’m really proud of how it all came together, and I hope it inspires you to give it a try as well!

Creating Frugal Eclectic Fall Decor -table decorated for fall with plaid table cloth, gold chargers, white plates and napkins, vintage stemware, floral arrangements, ceramic pumpkins, Life Full and Frugal

When Fall Doesn’t Feel Like Fall

Fall in Louisiana still baffles my yankee born and raised self. I remember the first football game I went to when I moved here my senior year of high school. Getting ready as every sensible Ohioan does, I put on my jeans, tennis shoes, and oversized hoodie. I was even looking forward to hot chocolate to keep my hands warm, just like football games at home.

I can still remember the intense feeling of regret as I sat roasting in those bleachers. Sweat was pouring off my brow. There I found myself rethinking every decision I had made at the age of 18, leading to that moment. I was so far from anything familiar, and light years away from two things that just didn’t make sense without each other: football and fall weather. Like actual fall weather that was cool and crisp, and hoodie appropriate.

Learning to Reconcile My Expectations With My Reality

Have you ever noticed that during this time of year, everywhere you look, you see picturesque, autumnal scenes that clearly took place somewhere in Vermont or Maine? It simply isn’t like that here in northeast Louisiana. We live in a sub-tropical environment, so I am learning to reconcile my expectations with my reality. I can embrace our not-fall-weather, and create cozy fall vibes in my house anyway! It’s a beautiful (and difficult…) thing to discover you don’t have to be the servant of circumstances!

Creating Frugal Eclectic Fall Decor

As always, my goal in creating frugal eclectic fall decor, or any decor for that matter, is to make something lovely without breaking the bank. I decorated my entire dining room without spending one penny, because I used stuff I already had on hand. Of course, I did purchase these things at some point, so if you are feeling inspired, I’ll include some links to similar items at the end of this post.

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Here’s a List of Every Day Items to Create Frugal Fall Decor

I used a lot of the same principles that I shared last year in my Ten Tips for Frugal Christmas Decor, so definitely check that out as well! Also, be sure to check out Starla’s Fall Tablescape on a Budget!

1.) Textiles!

Tablecloths & Cloth Napkins

I love textiles and I try to collect nice tablecloths and cloth napkins throughout the year. The starting off point for my fall dining room decor was actually the table cloth. I bought it last year at Target, but never ended up using it. Usually, I’m not a fan of orange, but I loved the combination of warm, autumnal colors with this cool blue. I have a lot of blue in my house, so it just works!

Creating Frugal Eclectic Fall Decor - Life Full and Frugal - White table cloth with orange and blue plaid pattern, decorated for fall

Shop Your Closet for Unexpected Fall Decor!

I love the look of big, fluffy hygge blankets draped over furniture. It feels really appropriate for this time of year. So, as I was gathering items to start decorating, I thought about this blanket scarf. I bought it years ago for a trip to Colorado. Truthfully, it serves as home decor more than it’s intended purpose of keeping me warm! But it sure looks cozy! 

Creating Frugal Eclectic Fall Decor - Life Full and Frugal - dark stained church pew draped with a cozy blanket and big throw pillows

2.) Frugal Eclectic Fall Table Setting

Place Settings

When creating frugal eclectic fall decor, I like to think in terms of layers. For the place settings on the table, I started with gold chargers that I bought for $2 each at Hobby Lobby. I love how versatile they are! I also used them in this sweet easter table setting a few years ago. Next, I used white plates, because they go with everything. Lastly, the little ceramic pumpkins really pop against the white background, which I love!

Creating Frugal Eclectic Fall Decor - Life Full and Frugal - fall table place setting with a plaid table cloth, gold charger, topped with white plate, white cloth napkin, and an orange ceramic pumpkin from the Target Dollar Spot

Family Heirloom Stemware & Dollar Store Pressed Glass Tumblers 

When adding glassware to my fall tablescape, I definitely went eclectic. The goblets are from a set of crystal handed down to me from Chris’ great grandmama. They sat in a box for years, but when I redid my china cabinet, I decided they were too beautiful not to display. Don’t they look really pretty next to these blue pressed glass tumblers that I bought from Dollar General a couple of years ago?! I love the different levels of height, color and pattern they create together!

Creating Frugal Eclectic Fall Decor - Life Full and Frugal - table decorated for fall with a blue and orange plaid table cloth, patterned vintage stemware and blue pressed glass tumblers

3.) For Frugal Fall Vibes, Let There Be Candlelight! 

As I mentioned, I used a lot of the same principles for decorating that I used for my Christmas post last year. My number one tip for Christmas was to use lights everywhere! I absolutely love the glow of Christmas lights, and I shamelessly use them year round. In creating this frugal eclectic fall decor, I couldn’t neglect this element! So, yes, let there by candle light! I used tea lights in recycled amber glass vitamin bottles. The mercury glass candle holders are from Dollar Tree. If you are interested in making some fall inspired crafts, our friend Jersey from Farmhouse Basic Collection has a tutorial for DIY mercury glass. Check it out! 

Creating Frugal Eclectic Fall Decor

4.) What is Fall Decor Without Pumpkins?!

Of course we must have pumpkins! I have a growing collection of ceramic and glass blown pumpkins. It’s so fun how they add a little sparkle and bling to the table! We visited an artisan glass studio on one of our family vacations, and I so wanted to buy a pumpkin! They were truly stunning pieces of art! Also super expensive, so I passed. Not long after we got home, I was so excited to find glass blown pumpkins at Big Lots! The ceramic pumpkins were a treasure I snatched up from the Target Dollar Spot.

Creating Frugal Eclectic Fall Decor - Life Full and Frugal - blown glass pumpkin
Creating Frugal Eclectic Fall Decor - Life Full and Frugal - white Ceramic pumkin wiht gold stem and gold candle holder, pottery centerpiece

5.) Gifts from Nature

One of the best things you can do when creating frugal eclectic fall decor, is to take advantage of free gifts from nature. You can’t get any more frugal than free! I was able to make some really lovely floral arrangements using hydrangeas from our flowerbeds. They are accented with cascading clusters of berries from a Winged Sumac bush growing along our woods. (Thank you Heather for letting me know what it was called!)

Creating Frugal Eclectic Fall Decor - Life Full and Frugal - milk glass vase with green hydrangeas
Creating Frugal Eclectic Fall Decor - Life Full and Frugal - table decorated for fall

A Delightful Surprise from the Compost! 

Something you always see in fall decor along with pumpkins, is a collection of gourds in varying sizes and wart-covered shapes. Every year I fight the urge to buy all the pumpkins and gourds. I love them, but they eventually rot. So that’s why normally, I prefer glass or ceramic. However, this year we discovered an unexpected, and yes, delightful surprise in our compost heap! There was a huge tangle of vines bursting with butternut squash! So of course, I took advantage of yet another gift of nature, and placed them throughout the dining room.

Creating Frugal Eclectic Fall Decor- Life Full and Frugal - floral arrangement of hydrangeas and winged sumac berries surrounded by butternut squash

6.) Make an Ugly Duckling a Swan!

This is another tip from the Christmas decor archives. No one’s house is perfect, and it’s pointless and exhausting to try to live up to that expectation. We have recently gone through months of renovating our kitchen, and we still have odds and ends projects sitting around. There are two cabinets from our former kitchen that still haven’t found a home. So, here is another use for fabric! I just covered the raw plywood and 2×4 framework with some pretty table cloths, and voila! The ugly ducklings are now swans!

Creating Frugal Eclectic Fall Decor - Life Full and Frugal - half painted cabinet with a table cloth draped over it
Creating Frugal Eclectic Fall Decor - Life Full and Frugal - cabinet with red and white striped table cloth draped over it, topped with Berkey water filter, plants and candles

Your Turn to Create Frugal & Eclectic Fall Decor!

Alright, y’all! Those are my tips for creating frugal eclectic fall decor for your dining room. Let us know if you have any more helpful hints and tricks to create beautiful fall decor on a budget! If you are interested in recreating this look, we encourage you to look around and see what you already have. Go outside, enjoy God’s creation, soak up the sun, and make a bouquet of weeds! However, if you are interested in shopping online for similar items, here are some look-a-likes. =) We hope you have a blessed fall, friends!

Shop This Look!

Feeling Inspired? Pin It for Later! 

Creating Frugal Eclectic Fall Decor - Life Full and Frugal - fall themed table decor


  1. Kyrie

    It’s the tumblers and amber jars for me! Love this!!

    • Shanna

      Thanks so much, Kyrie! Those are probably my favorites as well! =) Happy fall and God bless!! ~Shanna

  2. Stephanie

    I love this! Such a beautiful table and home 🙂 I love how you mixed vintage family heirlooms and dollar store finds. It makes it classy and elegant but thrifty. All your cozy layers really bring the fall vibes in. I can’t wait to use some of these tips in my own home!

    • Shanna

      Oh my goodness, thank you so much, Stephanie! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!! God bless you! =) ~Shanna

  3. Rachel Brown

    Your décor is gorgeous. I wish I had a house that beautiful.

    • Shanna

      Thank you so much, Rachel! I’m so glad you liked it! I really enjoyed reading your blog on horses as well! Thanks so much for stopping by! God bless you! ~Shanna =)

  4. Ada

    This is so beautiful! I like the mix of colors, and the glass and ceramic pumpkins are so pretty! I also like how you add nature to the decor. Thank you for sharing these great tips!

    • Shanna

      Thank you so much, Ada! All I need is a pot of your pumpkin soup to serve! Haha! Thanks so much for stopping by! God bless you and happy fall!! =) ~Shanna

  5. Ruth Lytle

    Love your table! I hadn’t thought to pull in my hydrangeas like that but I will do it! This made me want to go through my candles and switch out to some fall scents. Love that you used what you already had on hand.

    • Shanna

      Thank you so much, Ruth! I’m so glad it inspired you! God bless and happy fall! =) ~Shanna


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