Vintage Freezer Baskets Re-purposed for Storage

Here is how I re-purposed some vintage freezer baskets for storage in my homeschool classroom. They make a great new home for our books and curriculum!

Vintage Freezer Baskets Re-purposed for Storage/Life Full and Frugal

Storage With Vintage Charm

I love finding vintage pieces at flea markets and antique stores. I also really enjoy re-purposing my vintage finds to serve a new function. We started homeschooling around five years ago and it’s really important to keep our books and curriculum organized. So, I am always on the lookout for found treasures that can serve as storage with a little vintage charm.

Vintage Freezer Baskets Re-purposed for Storage/Life Full and Frugal

We needed a way to keep our current curriculum separate and easily accessible. I found these vintage freezer baskets at one of my favorite places to hunt for treasures called Frog’s Flea Market. They cost under $12 for both, and are the perfect combo of form and function. It’s easy to see what books we are working on, and we can easily carry them from place to place. One of the beautiful things about homeschooling is that you can set your classroom up anywhere!

Creative Storage Solutions

Since we started our homeschooling journey, we have definitely found that necessity is the mother of invention. It’s really fun to come up with creative and unexpected ways to solve problems. Normally, I wouldn’t have given vintage freezer baskets a second glance, but we needed storage and I was happy to re-purpose them to keep me organized!

I also love the fact that they are metal. I love the idea of pretty storage, but I also really don’t want anything so precious in my house that it can’t be used. Especially in a house full of boys, all the things have to hold up to some abuse!

Vintage Freezer Baskets Re-purposed for Storage/Life Full and Frugal

Re-purposed and Re-envisioned

We have found other ways to re-imagine vintage items: like the old dresser drawers that were reborn as a book shelf to hold our school supplies. My husband dug a filing cabinet out of the dumpster and gave it a new look and a new life with a can of spray paint. He added a butcher block top to create a work station. We even re-purposed our classroom! It was originally a sunroom, but was mostly a catch-all. We added on to our house and expanded it into a multi-functional space that we can all enjoy as a family!

Vintage Freezer Baskets Re-purposed for Storage/classroom space/Life Full and Frugal

What about y’all? Do you enjoy re-purposing vintage finds for storage? What are some of your most creative transformations? We would love for you to share them with us!

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Vintage Freezer Baskets Re-purposed for Storage:

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Vintage Freezer Baskets/Life Full and Frugal


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