Summer Living Room Makeover

In my last post, I shared how I transformed a 1980’s china cabinet. Today, I am really happy to share how it fit in to my end of summer living room makeover. We all need a little refresh now and again, don’t we? It was really fun incorporating some treasures from our vacations as well! Check out how to add some late summertime vibes to your living space before transitioning into fall!

Life Full and Frugal Summer Living Room Makeover, view of living room with lots of colorful accents in the decor, decorative items from Mexico, coffee table, china cabinet, floral throw pillows and Mexican pottery

Rearranging Furniture is the Cheapest Way to Achieve a Summer Living Room Makeover.

I mentioned this in my last post, but it kind of dawned on me how long it has been since I rearranged furniture in my living room. It used to be a regular event around here and it was long overdue! It doesn’t cost anything to rearrange your furniture and it is amazing the impact it can make on your space!

Repurposing and Letting Go!

We also had to rethink the purpose of some pieces and get rid of some others. We had a dresser that wasn’t working out because the drawers kept falling out. Several years ago, we took out the drawers and made a frugal storage solution for our homeschool classroom. We then turned the dresser frame into shelves and painted the inside black to hide our TV components.

That dresser has been in our living room for quite some time now, and it didn’t really hide all the cords like I would hope. We also had a bookshelf with sliding glass doors, so we ended up getting rid of the dresser and putting the bookcase in its place. My husband cut the backer board to allow room for the receiver and all the mass of cords. I love how it turned out!

Dressing up the China Cabinet.

Of course, we just wrapped up the china cabinet project so I was really excited to load it with all my pretties! The top shelf houses some family heirlooms that have stayed in boxes for years. I think that is such a shame. I am so glad we can enjoy Grandmama Brown’s silver coffee and tea set. And it was just like Christmas morning when I finally unpacked Great Grandmama Brown’s Crystal stemware. I have had them almost as long as my husband and I have been married. Honestly, I never realized how much stemware was actually in that box!

I placed my cookbooks and a few other decorative items in the rest of the cabinet. I know cookbooks in the living room might seem a little random, but we have an open floor plan and my kitchen is adjacent to my living room. It might not stay this way, but for now, I think they are fine and they add some nice color.

white painted china cabinet with colorful pillow, blue throw blanket, blue hydrangeas, Monet print and multi-colored striped market bag

Neutral Backdrop!

Our living room paint color is called Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams. It’s a neutral kind of greige and I was very intentional about this color choice. It was quite the epic feat to paint our living room so I wanted a color that would definitely stand the test of time. We have gray walls and white trim. I love a neutral backdrop, but what I really love is color.

Time to Add Some Pops of Color!

So last year, my sisters and I were blessed with the opportunity to go to Merida, Mexico. (Check out 12 Reasons We LOVED Merida) We had an amazing trip and we loved every minute of it! One of the things we got to do while we were there was to visit the Casa de Artesanias where you can purchase authentic items hand crafted by Mayan artisans.

Life Full and Frugal / Summer Living Room Makeover / Top of Book shelf decorated with books, a vintage print of a ship on open water, a floral painting, a white vase with blue hydrangeas and a plant nestled in Mexican pottery

Treasures from Mérida!

I bought a really lovely blue and yellow table cloth made of sisal and a gorgeous hand woven pillow cover . We also bought hand woven market bags while visiting the beach. These treasures from our trip to Mexico became my source of inspiration for my summer living room makeover.

Mexican Pottery!

I also used a Mexican ceramic pot that I had actually bought here locally on Antique Alley. The really wonderful thing is that these beautiful, hand-painted Mexican pots are often available here in the States at TJ Maxx. (You can even find Mexican Talavera pottery on Amazon!) I love how it balances the bright colors of the market bag on top of the china cabinet. A thrifted print of Monet and some antique ceramic pitchers complete the look on top of the china cabinet.

Dressing up the Coffee Table!

Blue is my favorite color, so to complete my summer living room makeover, I added fresh cut hydrangeas throughout the room! In order to dress up the coffee table, I filled a thrifted vintage tray with design books and flowers. I bought the stacked ceramic pots at an antique store while on a trip to Waco recently. I just filled it with clippings from our boxwood bushes to add a hit of green!

Life Full and Frugal / Summer Living Room Makeover / diy coffee table with vintage tray, blue vintage jar, stacked pottery with greenery and blue hydrangeas arranged in an antique crock pitcher

So, here are my tips to create an easy summer living room makeover:

  • Rearrange Furniture -it’s FREE and makes a BIG impact!
  • Repurpose what you have!
  • Add Pops of Color…maybe from a fun summer vacation!
  • Add something fresh like greenery or flowers.
  • Don’t be afraid to display all the quirky things you love!

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Life Full and Frugal / Summer Living Room Makeover / Vaulted ceilings, neutral colors on the walls with white trim, marble tiled fireplace flanked by a white book case with glass doors to the left and a white china cabinet to the right. Lots of colorful accents from blue hydrangea floral arrangements, Mexican textiles and pottery, floral throw pillows, a print of Monet and a painting of a floral arrangement. Coffee table dressed with a vintage tray, stacked pottery with greenery, design books, vintage blue jar and an arrangement of fresh blue hydrangeas.
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  1. Serena

    I love what you did with the living Room, Shanna!! Its bright, cozy, beautiful and happy! Xoxo

  2. Eliza

    You gave me an idea. So helpful!! I am years away from owning a home, but I am moving to a new apartment in April, so I might use some of these tips then! I can reinvent my apartment as my dream place! Thank you, Shanna, for sharing such good post!


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