Pink Dip

I’m going to share a recipe with y’all that is so simple, it seems kind of lame, but we grew up eating this stuff. I don’t know if it has an official name, really, but we always called it pink dip.

Let me just warn you, it isn’t pretty to look at.

I have to tell y’all, my husband had a bunch of guys over one Sunday afternoon to shoot clays and I served this dip with our lunch. It was kind of hysterical to watch these dudes congregate around the bowl of pink dip and discuss whether it was safe to eat it or not. One brave soul ventured a taste and the next thing I knew, the vultures had completely annihilated the entire bowl.

I mean, it’s cream cheese and salsa, so what’s not to love?!

That’s it…that’s the entire recipe. I personally I think anytime you can add a recipe to your meal rotations that only has 2 ingredients, it’s a good day. You’re welcome!

Pink Dip

Your favorite brand of salsa (or you can make your own!)

1-2 blocks of cream cheese (depending on your taste…play around with it!)

Blend ingredients with hand mixer.

*I have a friend that makes the same thing, only with sour cream instead of cream cheese.

Serve with tortilla chips and watch everyone devour it all!



  1. Kimberly Stephens

    Ohhh, we love us some “Pink Dip”. We have an on going feud though between me and my oldest son, Zac … I like to put it in my blender and make it smooth as glass but he loves it when the cream cheese is all big and chunky. Either way, this is an amazing recipe and makes chips come alive. It’s also great as a spread on hamburgers, sandwiches and fajitas! Yummy!

    • Shanna

      Yes! Love it! I’m with you, I like mine smooth…but I won’t turn down chunky either…haha!=)


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