Homemade Toasted Coconut Fudgesicles

Hey friends! Today I’m sharing a recipe to beat the summertime heat with homemade toasted coconut fudgesicles. These frozen treats are a perfect guilt free snack because they are sweetened with coconut sugar. But don’t worry, there is no compromise on flavor! These fudgesicles taste amazing, and I know y’all will enjoy these delicious frozen treats!! 

Why Make Homemade Toasted Coconut Fudgesicles? 

You Can Control the Ingredients

Like Sierra mentioned in her post on making iced coffee drinks at home, high fructose corn syrup is probably the number one reason I wanted to make these popsicles from scratch. Of course it’s easier to buy a box at the store, but there are countless studies linking all kinds of bad stuff to corn syrup. From my own experience, I just don’t like how it makes me feel, and coconut sugar has a lower glycemic index than white sugar. 

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They say the best way to avoid eating junk is to refuse to keep it in your house. But there is nothing wrong with taking a little inspiration from the junk and making it something that tastes amazing and won’t hurt your belly!

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You Have a Chance to Develop Your Own Flavors

The cool thing about making your own toasted coconut fudgesicles, or any kind of baked good or treat, is that you can play around with flavors. Coconut is yummy, but when you toast it in a skillet, it’s next level. There’s just something about that process of caramelization that sends it over the edge. It’s really a fun and easy way to explore flavors!

When You Have an Over Abundance of Eggs

Another reason to make these homemade toasted coconut fudgesicles is the fact that we currently have eggs coming out of our ears. Last year we took the plunge into being chicken parents and I think I may have underestimated the amount of chickens producing eggs to the ratio of people in our home.

The solution is a popsicle base of custard, using up some of our excess eggs! They give them such a richness and the silky smoothness you want in a chocolatey fudgesicle.

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A Fun Way to Recreate an Experience

For our 20th anniversary, Chris and I went to a restaurant here in town called Parish. It’s kind of a little claim to fame in our town. Chef Cory Bahr owns and operates the restaurant along with a coffee shop and a food truck. He competed on The Food Network’s show Chopped, and he actually won! He also did really well competing on The Next Food Network Star. Obviously, the guy can cook, and going to his restaurant is quite a treat.

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We had bread pudding for dessert that was topped with coconut ice cream. It was ah-ma-zing! I have actually thought about that ice cream several times since our anniversary dinner! It served as inspiration when I was dreaming up these fudgsicles. And of course, chocolate pairs so well with coconut!

Food is Attached to Memory

For so many of us, food is undeniably attached to memories. We associate different kinds of foods with specific times of the year, or a special occasion with friends and family. Making food together as a family can turn into an experience and a memory that will stick with you. Hopefully this recipe will afford you the chance to create a sweet summer memory of your own! I hope you enjoy it!

homemade coconut fudgesicles life full and frugal



For the Toasted Coconut:

First, you need to start your toasted coconut. Place 1 1/2 Coconut Flakes in a dry pan or skillet on low heat. The heat will bring out the natural sugars of the coconut and caramelize. Keep a close eye on it and don’t let it burn.

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For the Homemade Toasted Coconut Fudgesicle Custard:

Next, you will need a 2 Quart sauce pan. First add the three eggs, then mix in the coconut sugar. Once that is incorporated, sift in the cocoa powder. At first it will resist mixing with the liquid at first, so just keep stirring. Next add the heavy whipping cream, coconut milk, and milk to the pan. You will want to warm this gently to a soft bubble so that the eggs will cook. I turned the heat off once I could see steam coming off the liquid.

Once the eggs are set, you can add the vanilla and the coconut extract. Finally, you will want to taste it and make sure it is sweet enough. If needed, you can add some stevia extract, honey, or even some blackstrap molasses.

When you have it to your preferred level of sweetness, you can transfer the liquid to a glass container. Then place it in the fridge to cool.

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Time to Pour the Mixture into the Popsicle Molds!

Don’t have a popsicle mold? No Worries!

Finally, when the toasted coconut fudgesicle mixture is cool, you can pour it into your popsicle molds and place them into the freezer. If you don’t have popsicle molds, it’s ok! You can simply leave it in the glass container for a no churn ice cream! Easy peasy! But if you are in the market for a popsicle mold, here’s one that is similar to the one I have. 

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