Homemade Electrolyte Strawberry Limeade

It can be a challenge to keep hydrated during the hot summer months. This week I am sharing a recipe for homemade electrolyte strawberry limeade. It’s a much healthier version of a sports drink. But it’s not just good for replenishing electrolytes. It has the added benefits of minerals, enzymes, and probiotics!

Summer is full of fun activities that can also be really draining. We all love long days at the pool or going to baseball games. Maybe you prefer going to the gym or working in the garden! Whatever your preferred summer activities, we all need a little pick-me-up. I hope you enjoy this delicious and refreshing recovery drink!

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Making Homemade Electrolyte Strawberry Limeade For My Husband!

I put this recipe together especially for my husband. Chris came home from work one night completely exhausted. He had a terrible headache and he thought he might be dehydrated.

My husband is a 4th generation owner/operator of a mechanic shop here in northeast Louisiana. We have such extreme temperatures and high humidity. Every summer, it’s a struggle for him to drink enough water and keep hydrated. 

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Before There Were Sports Drinks, There Was Haymaker’s Punch.

Long before gatorade was ever a thing, there was a drink called Haymaker’s Punch. Some people call it Switchel. Farmers would drink it after a long day working in the fields.

My recipe is really similar. It draws on the wisdom and traditions of the past, using all natural ingredients. This drink includes everything you need to recover. And It’s also really refreshing!

Ingredients for Homemade Electrolyte Strawberry Limeade:

*** The exact amount of water depends on the capacity of your blender. Mine holds 6 cups, so I use around 1 1/2 cups coconut water and a little over 4 cups of water. After adding all the ingredients, simply top off your blender with water! =) 


First gather all your ingredients. Next, place everything in an upright blender. Buzz everything together thoroughly. Drink right away or place in the fridge to keep cool. Enjoy!

In Conclusion:

So, as you can see, all these ingredients are full of excellent health benefits! This homemade recovery drink is definitely going to help us get through these sultry summer days!

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  1. Nancy

    How much water do you add in addition to the coconut water?

    • Shanna

      Hey Nancy! I meant to come back and add that measurement before I hit publish and completely forgot! I fixed it! So I ended up with around a cup to a cup and a half of coconut water. My blender holds 6 cups, so I added a little over 4 cups of water. If you add all the ingredients first, then just top off with water, it should be fine. I hope this helps! Thanks so much for stopping by our blog! Have a wonderful weekend! ~Shanna


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