Frugal Springtime Hygge Home Refresh

Spring has finally sprung here in Ohio! To celebrate the sunshine and daffodils, we’re sharing our frugal springtime hygge home refresh. “Hygge” is a Danish word that means coziness, comfort, and the tranquility of home and good food. This cozy feeling of hygge is not just for the winter months. We’re embracing springtime hygge and we hope you’re inspired to do the same!

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1. It’s Time for Spring Cleaning!

Now that the winter blues are behind us, it’s the perfect time to dig in and deep clean our cozy spaces. Is there a more frugal way to make your home more hygge than a good scrub? There is something so satisfying about dusting ceiling fans, sweeping behind furniture, wiping down walls & cupboard doors, and giving the floors a thorough mopping.

You won’t believe how much more shiny your home will be from simply doing some deep cleaning. So get out your dust rags and cleaning spray and let’s make your hygge home sparkle!

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2. Complete Those Projects You’ve Been Avoiding 

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a few little projects around the house that you’ve simply been avoiding. Part of our spring hygge home refresh is to tick some boxes from our long awaited to-do list.

These projects are not difficult, just out of the ordinary. 

Here’s what we’ve been putting off:

  1. Touching up paint on the kitchen and dining room walls.
  2. Removing scuff marks from the floors with a magic eraser.
  3. Hanging artwork on the living room walls.
  4. Putting up curtains in the kitchen window.
  5. Hanging blinds on the front door.

So what little projects have you been putting off around the household? Springtime is the perfect time to get those things completed. You’ll feel like a million bucks!

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3. Refresh Your Hygge Home with Houseplants

Many of our houseplants have been residing in the basement or back bedroom all winter. Springtime is the perfect time to start bringing out some houseplants into your living spaces! It’s also a great time to split and re-pot new plant starts. I’m in love with my new swan planter, where I’ve planted some baby jades. How hygge is that?!

Interested in learning how to get the most bang from your back with houseplants? Check out our post on how to multiply your houseplants for free!

No houseplants? Check out your local nurseries as they’ll be packed with new varieties at this time of the year.

a swan shaped planter with jade plants life full and frugal

4. Bring on the Bright Springtime Colors!

Springtime hygge home means bright spring colors! Time to put away all the dark, cozy colors of winter and break out the pastels. As you can see, our home is a log cabin so we try to pack in light colors as much as possible in the spring.  

Here are some ideas to brighten up your hygge home this spring:

  1. Put bright and cheery throw blankets on the couches and chairs. Freshen up your blankets and throws by washing them and hanging them on the clothes line!
  2. More lamp light! Overhead lighting can be really depressing, especially in rooms with low ceilings. Bring in some bright colored lamps to create a more relaxing and cozy vibe in your space.
  3. Use mirrors to reflect light!
  4. Switch out candle holders and other knick knacks with more bright, springtime colored ones.
  5. Place bright colored rugs on the floors.
  6. Try some new spring colored throw pillows for the couch! These were marked down at our local Marshall’s.

Nearly everything we have in our home is second hand. Old, retro, vintage things make for the perfect hygge ambiance. Be sure to check out our 18 tips to find the best stuff while thrifting!

eclectic granny chic cottage cabin living room life full and frugal

5. Bring the Outdoors In

Who can deny the absolute miracle of life that springtime brings to the earth?! I’m nearly always shocked by the sheer beauty of it. To create more hygge in your home this springtime, be sure to bring some of that beauty indoors to enjoy!

Daffodils, tulips, and grape hyacinths make a fabulous combination for spring bouquets. Be sure to check out your local Aldi store to find great deals on spring bulbs every autumn. They are so inexpensive yet so beautiful!

grape hyacinth and tulips life full and frugal

6. Set A Pretty Springtime Hygge Table

Springtime hygge calls for a beautiful and bright spring table setting! Switch out tablecloths with bright and cheery colors and patterns. Add some pretty tea lights and fresh cut flowers for a sunny finishing touch. While you’re at it, why not have a tea party? Your friends will love the springtime ambiance!

a springtime table with fresh cut flowers life full and frugal

7. Enjoy Cozy Treats Even in Spring!

Enjoying hygge also means enjoying some delicious and cozy treats! Baking is not just for winter. In fact, the cool mornings of spring are perfect to indulge in a wonderful homemade pastry. The tactile act of working with your hands to create a beautiful home cooked meal or baked good is unbeatable! Embrace the process of making something delicious for your friends and loved ones this spring.

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In Conclusion

Surrounding yourself with peace and comfort is so important when creating a home. Our hope is that you feel inspired to create more hygge in your own home this spring. Let us know in the comments below if you tried any of these ideas, or if you have some ideas of your own to share! Happy Spring!

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