Essential Oil Perfume

Thanks to a wonderful tip from our little sister Serena, I recently discovered how to make my own essential oil perfume. She told me about this company called Woolzies that make lots of yummy essential oils. Their oils are 100% natural and organic, and the price is really reasonable. Sometimes they are a blend of different oils, which makes them a little more affordable. But this does not take away from the fact that they are high quality and smell amazing. TJ Maxx and Marshall’s have been carrying Woolzies the last several times we have been there, so you can probably find them at one of these stores near you. Another great alternative to the more expensive essential oil brands is Mountain Rose Herbs.

I am also a sucker for Trader Joe’s “Midsummer Night’s Cream”, Moisturizing Cream, Extra Dry Formula. It is an unscented lotion that is slightly thicker than lotion, but not as thick as a cream. I love to use it on my face at night before bed, or before putting makeup on. I don’t always like artificially scented lotions, especially on my face. This 16 ounce bottle is $3.99 every day at Trader Joe’s. Such a good deal!

Essential Oils + Trader Joe’s Lotion = Essential Oil Perfume 

So with my recent new fascination with essential oils ( I know I’m a little late to the party! Lol), I have been experimenting with different floral combinations to use instead of perfume. I just feel like rubbing these yummy natural oils on my body makes me feel more feminine. And at night it makes your sheets smell so nice!:) My new routine after showering or bathing, or just in the morning before work is to pour a few drops of my favorite oils in my hand, add a pump or two of Midsummer’s Night, rub it together and just apply it to my upper body- neck, shoulders, arms, and chest.

The smell is amazing, it’s obviously moisturizing, and it lasts all day. I have gotten SO many compliments since I started doing this routine! It just feels better to use natural oils instead of a perfume that costs $80-$100 or more, and that’s made from artificial ingredients. In comparison, this lotion/essential oil combo is much healthier, longer lasting and SO much cheaper! Currently my favorite combo is patchouli, jasmine, and rose. It smells AMAZING! Let us know what combos you like!



Health benefits of our favorite floral essential oils:

Rose: Helps heal broken capillaries, eczema, wrinkles, mature skin. It also helps with nerve issues, depression and insomnia.

Neroli: Great for skin issues like scars, stretch marks, thread veins. Also helps with anxiety and depression.

Lavender: Great for skin issues such as acne, sunburn and bug bites.

Jasmine: Helps with dry, greasy or sensitive skin. Great for the respiratory system and depression.

Patchouli: Helps prevent insect bites and correct wrinkles. Also beneficial to the nervous system and anxiety.

Sandalwood: Wonderful moisturizer, and helpful to the respiratory system, depression and anxiety.

Geranium: Helps heal acne, burns, eczema and mature skin. Beneficial to the endocrine system, adrenals and PMS/menopausal symptoms.

Vetiver: Helps treat acne and oily skin. Great for issues with depression, nervousness and insomnia.

Ylang ylang: Helps with hair growth, a variety of skin issues, depression and stress.

Cedarwood: Great for several skin issues including acne, dandruff, and eczema. Helps sooth arthritis pain and nervous tension.

Source: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils by Julia Lawless




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