Beautiful Mixed Flower Pots on a Budget

We are so excited to share how we are able to create beautiful mixed flower pots on a budget! With these simple tips, you won’t believe how far a few dollars and a little patience can go to create gorgeous flower pots. 

Mixed Flower Pots from the Green House are SO Expensive!

So, when you go to a greenhouse each spring, you will see lots of large, lovely pots brimming with exotic blooms in every color. They are beautiful, but when you buy them, the truth is, you have become easy money for the greenhouse business.

These pots can easily range anywhere from $35 to $150.

Issues with Pre-Potted Flowers

When you purchase these pots that are pre-made, you are buying flowers that have reached their peek. They probably started the pots some time at the end of February or the beginning of March. The greenhouse staff is counting on someone paying big bucks for convenience and instant gratification.

The problem is that you take it home and put it outside where it has never been before. It is very tender because it has not been exposed to the elements. It gets wind blown, and sun burned, and it is totally root bound. You probably also never knew that you need to fertilize it. So before you know it, the flowers end up hanging on by a thread or dead within three weeks.

This potted plant was $100 at the greenhouse!

The Key to Creating Beautiful Mixed Flower Pots on a Budget: Patience!

Instant gratification does not pay off in the end. However, all you need is some know-how, patience, and a little bit of preparation to create a mixed flower pot that will last all throughout the summer season.

What You’ll Need to Get Started

  • You will need some large pots. Look for them on sale at this time of the year, or consider asking around for used ones, or look at garage sales.
  • You will also need potting soil. Look for potting soil on sale, and buy more than you think you will need because you will love the results of too many flower pots!
  • You will want to make sure that the pot has good drainage. If it does not, you can pour a layer of gravel into the bottom of the pot. Another option to create drainage is to use broken crockery, dishes or old broken clay pots in the bottom of your new mixed flower pots.

Fill up the pots 3/4 of the way with potting soil and have a selection of annuals to fill your pots. Be sure to gently pull and break some of the roots to promote growth. You will then put dirt all around the planted annual flowers. Once they are planted, water them really well and then fertilize them with MiracleGro.

Dead Heading Your Flowers:

Lastly, you will need to pluck all the flowers off of them (dead heading). This will help your plants spread, make a lot more flowers, and encourage vigorous root growth. You will want to get annual flowering plants of all kinds. I am not matchy, so I like a selection of colors. I especially like light and dark colors because they really make a great contrast.

We have had some of the pots you see here for a very long time. We got several of them at garage sales, Goodwill, Aldi, friends, and family. The selection of annuals we got from the local greenhouse, for eleven dollars per flat, or $.25 a plant. The geraniums were $2.50 each. Our pots will cost between $2.75 and $5 a piece, depending on what is included.

They will start off small, because we are planting them in May, but they will reach their peek in July and go on flowering beautifully until the first frost. They will require daily dead heading, or cutting away old blooms. In addition, they will need weekly fertilizer to feed them. However, the end results will be gorgeous and worth the effort!

Happy gardening!

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  1. Alison Manzer

    You guys always inspire! Love you!

  2. Jessica

    Flowers make me happy and time is never wasted waiting for them to bloom. Lovely ideas and great inspiration as always. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    • Shanna

      It is a joy to know that this has inspired you! We love flowers! We are never happier than when we are out pottering among them. Have a blessed holiday weekend!


  3. Tammy J. Bergstrom

    I always feel happy whenever I am surrounded by flowers. These ideas are great to give me awesome feelings. Thank you for sharing it.

    • Shanna

      Thanks so much for checking out our blog, Tammy! =)


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