A Case for Snack Sets

Today I am presenting a case for snack sets and why I think we should bring them back! It wasn’t that long ago that people would use real dishes or snack sets for celebrations, birthdays, showers or church events. In fact, when I lived in Germany ten years ago, they still used heavy china for cake and coffee after Sunday morning services. But who on earth did the dishes?! Well, it’s simple, really! Each week, they rotated volunteers to help prepare coffee and cake. They cleaned up, and yes, they washed the dishes.

A Case for Snack Sets:

A Better Solution for the Environment

Today we find ourselves in an extremely disposable culture. Why serve food on dishes that have to be washed when you can serve on paper or Styrofoam and just throw it away when you’re done? I think it goes without saying that the situation with American landfills is pretty shameful. Why not try with the little things that you can control in your own home, like what you eat off of? These little changes add up to a huge impact in the long run.

Edible Dishes?

I have recently even seen bran bread plates that you can actually eat when you are done. I like the idea of an edible plate, but it just does not sound very palatable, if you ask me. If nothing else, I am sure that they can go to the compost!

Real Dishes Make a Meal or Event Feel Special!

Eating off of real dishes is not just a great way to be practical and improve the environment. I believe it is a much more pleasurable experience for the senses.

For example, when Starla and I moved to our place, we had an open house. We were determined not to serve food on paper plates. Being environmentally friendly is important to us. But in addition, we really wanted serve the food we prepared on dainty and pretty plates! The whole ambiance of the gathering was to create a space where people could enjoy the beauty of our new home, eat good food and visit old friends. We wanted to dishes to go with that theme!

Thrifting for Snack Sets!

Along with the help of our mom and some friends, we were able to either purchase or borrow enough snack sets for all of our many guests. Since then, we have just fallen in love with the idea of serving food on these sweet little vintage sets. You can typically find them in thrift stores anywhere from $1.99 to $10. They are normally in a set of four and include a small plate and cup. Finding different patterns and colors is really fun and makes your collection unique!

Vintage snack sets

In Conclusion:

To be practical, environmentally friendly and have something really pretty for your next gathering, why not try snack sets for your guests?



  1. Racheal

    I love using “real” dishes as well. To set a table is one of the things I look forward to daily . Ilove the whole process of going out to thrifting stores and looking for “that “ dish or cup that would compliment a table setting. It’s fun! I agree the landfills are over filled! Loved this post ! I never knew these even existed;) But will keep my eye open when I get a chance to thrift.

    • Sierra

      We love to set the table as well, Racheal! It is always special to be able to do that. Starla and I often host holidays for the family and it is such a blessing to get our creative juices flowing and make the table a beautiful experience for everyone. These little snack sets are so fun for little get togethers! Hope you find some!:)


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