5 Inexpensive Ways to Reinvent Your Style in Minutes
Today it’s my pleasure to share with you 5 inexpensive ways to reinvent your style in minutes. One of the best things about any given day is deciding what to wear! I don’t know about you, but I tend to want a more relaxed look in the early part of the day. But should I need to run to the store, or meet a friend for lunch or coffee, I like to be able to switch up my look quickly. Here are my best, budget friendly tips to help you look fabulous in a flash!
5 inexpensive ways to reinvent your style in minutes life full and frugal

5 Inexpensive Ways to Reinvent Your Style in Minutes:

Reinvent Your Look With a Change of Shoes

I love shoes. I always have. My go to shoes for a simple and relaxed look are a simple pair of white tennis shoes. I have a few different pairs that I like to wear when I’m dressed down. I also really like a simple pair of slides or loafers that are easy and comfortable to throw on. These are the kind of shoes that feel good. They’re not fussy, but they are effective. They are clean and simple and make an impact in their own way. Simple shoes, if kept clean and crisp, can say, “I’m comfortable and comfortable with myself.”
two different looks with a green top and mom jeans life full and frugal

When I need to dress my outfit up a bit, I like to throw on some platform sandals, heels, or chunky heels. It’s amazing how you can take a simple outfit and dress it up just by changing your shoes. My current favorites are my leopard print heels. They make an outfit look chic, with a bit of an edge. Shoes can definitely take your look from drab to fab in seconds. And no matter what size, shape, or height, shoes always fit just right. If that’s not a confidence booster, I don’t know what is.

Shoes can definitely be expensive! I love to look for shoes out of season, when they are marked down on sale. Marshall’s and TJ Maxx have definitely been two of my favorites places to find great shoes. I have also found some amazing, unique, and extremely high quality shoes while thrifting at places like Goodwill or shopping at garage sales. 

two different looks with a pink linen top life full and frugal

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Reinvent Your Look With Inexpensive Glasses

I’ve found that wearing contacts while working on the computer all day is really hard on my eyes. At my previous job as an office manager, I started noticing I was getting headaches fairly frequently. That made me decide to switch to mostly wearing glasses while working. Over time I realized that I really like glasses! I started out with a few simple pairs, but decided to expand my horizons and try some more funky looks. Soon I found that I could basically change my whole look with a simple switch of glasses.
I no longer order the expensive glasses from the eye doctor! I spent several hundred dollars on a few pairs about 4 years ago. They were the cheapest and most flimsy glasses I’d ever owned. These glasses just simply weren’t worth the money I had spent for “high end” “brand names.”
cute and cheap statement glasses from zenni and glasses use life full and frugal

That’s when I decided to order a variety of different looks from Glasses USA and Zenni Optical. Both of these websites were suggested by some good friends of mine. Glasses from these companies were simple to order and literally a fraction of the price of what I had previously paid. Plus they had tons of styles to choose from. Though I have a few pairs that are my solid everyday favorites, I do enjoy switching to some of the funkier pairs sometimes. It’s fun and I’ve gotten so many compliments on them!

Another Way to Reinvent Your Style in Minutes? Jewelry! 

I prefer simple jewelry for everyday use. Especially when I wear glasses, which is basically daily. I don’t think my glasses and jewelry should compete- so my glasses get to be the star most of the time. However, there is no denying the power of a few pieces of jewelry to completely change your look. 
For example, I really like to wear a simple pair of pearls, diamond studs or small hoops for a fresh, clean daily look. But if I have plans later in the day, I can change my earrings to something long, dangly and feminine. Adding a chunky gold chain (or maybe even several smaller chains) necklace can also bring a lot of impact with minimal effort. If I’m feeling super fancy I may add some gold bangle bracelets to my outfit. Starla is the queen of costume rings! When she dresses up, she loves to wear huge, colorful rings. They are stunning! They pack a real punch.
two different looks with old navy jeans and top life full and frugal

Some of my favorite places to get jewelry inexpensively are Walmart, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. My current favorite gold plated earrings and necklaces are from these stores. They run great sales as well! Starla loves to get her costume jewelry rings from Ebay. Some of the pieces she has found are just stunning, and she doesn’t pay more than $5 for most of them.

Quick and Easy Ways to Switch Up Your Hair

For me, if it isn’t simple, I’m probably not going to do it to my hair. I’ve been growing it out for a little while now, so I do have the ability to do several different things with it. But, again, if I have to stand at the mirror with a curling iron for 40 minutes- it’s not going to happen. When it comes to hair, I am pretty low maintenance.
Most days, while I’m working, I have it down and natural. Oftentimes I just throw in a bit of curling cream or gel and allow it to air dry after a shower. If I’ve got plans, I have a variety of very simple, unfussy things I can do in just a few minutes.
two different looks with a chambray dress life full and frugal
For example, maybe I want my hair out of my face, and I know I have plans to see a friend tomorrow for coffee. This is the perfect time to put my hair in a french braid. It’s pretty, it’s simple, and most importantly, it’s out of my face. I wear it to bed, and the next day when I take the braid out- voila! I have a perfectly bouncy head of crimped hair for my coffee date! What would have taken me 40 minutes with a waving iron, literally took me 4 minutes to put into a french braid. (Put in a little curling cream first and it’s even better!)
three different looks with a white top jeans and shoes
Maybe one day I want more of a sleek look- enter the high ponytail and chunky glasses! A high, tight ponytail is just classic sophistication in my book. Maximum impact with minimal effort. Want it even more fancy? Take a small piece of hair from the bottom side of the ponytail, wrap it smoothly around the ponytail holder, and bobby pin the piece into place. So pretty!
Sometimes I like to just keep it super simple by adding 2 or 3 bobby pins to keep my bangs out of my face. For a slightly more upgraded look, make it a tortoise shell barrette or two. Again, it’s a very quick and easy way to bring a bit of sophistication and edge to your look.

And finally, clippies! I feel like I’m in junior high again with the low clippies girls are wearing again now! I’m not complaining though! This is a cute and fun way to get your hair out of your face. For low maintenance days, a clippy is the best! 

Reinvent Your Style in Minutes with Makeup

The year of 2020 did something to me. I used to be one of those women that would NOT leave the house without a full face of makeup on. Something about last year made me lighten up. Maybe realizing that other things just matter more than trying to look just so so? I’m not sure, but something has definitely changed in me.

I am not snobbish about the kind of makeup I use. It would probably be healthier to stick to high end and natural makeups, but I can’t always justify the prices. Some of my favorite products are just normal, inexpensive, drug store brands like Maybelline, Wet N Wild, or Covergirl.

For one of my favorite frugal skincare routines, click here.

mixing and matching a white shirt with different jeans and glasses life full and frugal

Keeping it Simple

Now that I work from home, if I wear makeup at all, I keep it to a minimum. My typical daily routine consists of some good lotion, a bit of primer, some concealer around my mouth and under eyes, a quick stroke of bronzer and blush, a bit of highlighter on my upper cheeks and a bit of mascara. Okay that sounds like a lot, but it’s like half of what I normally do as a “full face” of makeup! It’s just a very light, dewey, simple look.

frugal drugstore makeup and makeup brushes life full and frugal

Going All Out

This simple face of makeup can easily be transformed into something a little more special. When I have plans to get out of the house, I like to put on some “Believe” foundation which I found at Dollar General. It is full coverage and I think it looks so nice! It’s also made in Germany, where most toxic ingredients are banned. To my dark spots around my mouth and eyes, I do add a little extra concealer as well. This light colored concealer is also great to do just a bit of contouring!

Around my mouth, jawline, the rim of my nose, and eyes, I apply a white press powder to make sure the foundation and concealer is sealed into place.  From there I apply bronzer to my lower cheek bone, and a bit around my temples, and hairline. I add just a touch of blush to the apple of my cheek, and then apply highlighter to my upper cheek, the rim of my nose, and on the upper edge of my lips. I like to layer a bit of eyeshadow on, with a lighter champaigny color to the lid, and something a bit darker to the crease. After that I like a bit of eyeliner, and maybe a quick little set of wings. When I’ve thrown on some mascara, I just fill in my brows a little, and put on some lipgloss and I’m good to go!

four different looks with a black tank top life full and frugal
For an evening look, I may increase the amount of smokiness I use on my eyeshadow and increase the size of the eyeliner wings. Red lipstick is something new that I’ve been trying lately. When you have a special evening planned, some real red lipstick just makes your look feel so much more sophisticated and beautiful!

How Do You Reinvent Your Look on a Budget?

Now that I’ve shared my 5 inexpensive ways to reinvent your style in minutes, it’s your turn! Let us know your favorite ways to switch up your look in the comments below. We’d love to hear your ideas!

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