The Mysterious Power of Scent


The Quest for beauty has taken me to another part of femininity that is often scorned in our culture, but it is deliciously wrapped in our hearts; feminine mystique. One way a woman allows herself to be mysterious is through the magical world of scent. Have you ever been somewhere, and you smell cologne or perfume, and instantly you are taken away to another place in time? Scent is the great conjurer of memories, mysterious and elusive, half forgotten, but awakened by the power of our sense of smell. Perfume is a luxury every woman should indulge in either through House perfumes, like Chanel, or essential oils, like Patchouli. There are so many to choose from, but oh, the joy of finding one that envelops and suits you. Remember when I referred to Esther, the Queen of Persia? She spent six months being anointed, massaged, and pampered with the oil of myrrh. I think that there must be something to beauty that includes pampering the body with perfume. I made a blend of equal parts virgin coconut oil, shea butter, and the essential oil vetiver; known as the oil of tranquility, to pamper myself with. It made a wonderful sun tan oil and moisturizer, and the scent was heavenly. There are so many ways to allow your femininity to come forth, but I think the beauty of scent is so utterly sensuous, and greatly underestimated. I always remember my Nan because of her Bill Blass perfume, and my Mom by the scent of Escada Into the Blue. I have come to indulge in perfume: Seductive by Guess, Diane by Diane Von Furstenburg, First by Van Cleef and Arpels. When buying perfume, always buy quality perfumes made in France, Italy, Germany and Spain. These will be of better quality because they have been making them for hundred of years. Oh, the joy of scent to create an alchemy, an irresistible, mysterious  allure that summons up in the heart and mind, a woman.



  1. Pamela Kennon

    Great post Star!!!

  2. Kimberly Stephens

    Starla, you have such a gift for writing! I always love how descriptive you are and how the words just leap off the page! Thanks for the reminder of God’s wonderful gift of femininely!

    • Starla

      Aunt Kim, Thank you so much for your kind words. I love you so very much!


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