The Art of Napkin Folding

I wanted to share an Easter table setting that my sister, Sierra and I put together. We had so much fun decorating the table using the art of napkin folding. Admittedly, it was several years ago when she came to visit us at our old house. (Ok, it was circa 2010, so yes, it was a while ago. haha!) We decided to set up the table on our back porch and we enjoyed such a lovely dinner together!

First, I made a pork tenderloin roll with a zucchini and squash stuffing. Then Sierra made the most amazing broccoli casserole I have ever had. To finish off, we had roasted butternut squash. The table turned out so lovely with the sunshine filtering in all around us. It was perfect to enjoy Easter with the sweet company of my sister. The entire meal was such an enchanting experience!

So in honor of a truly memorable Easter dinner with my sister, my husband and boys, (they were babies!!!) I wanted to share the napkin fold that we attempted for our special day. It’s called a Lotus Flower and it ended up being the perfect little nest for the Easter Eggs we positioned at each place setting.

Have you ever attempted the art of napkin folding?

It is a really great way to show your guests that your gathering together to celebrate and share in a meal, is really special! The occasion and the time spent together is worth getting dressed up for, with all the extra bells and whistles!

There are probably hundreds of ways to fold a napkin for a table setting. However, the really convenient thing about the Lotus Flower fold, is that it is exactly the same idea as a “cootie catcher.”

Cootie Catcher

Do y’all remember those? We used to spend every recess in elementary school plotting out our future lives via the paper enshrined fortunes within. If you need to jog your memory how to make a cootie catcher, here is a step-by-step guide, along with instructions for the Lotus Flower napkin folding technique.

We would love to see your table settings for Easter and to hear any ideas you have on how to make your celebratory gatherings extra special! Share in the comments below!

Happy Easter and God bless from the sisters at!!!!


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