How Does Your Day Begin?

So I would like to know, what is your morning like? I have come to the conclusion that most people do not enjoy the start of the day, because it often starts with chaos. Chaos never brings peace or tranquility. I love the morning, especially when the sun is shining, but here in Northwest Ohio, there are precious few of those. So I have developed a bit of a plan to get the day off to a good start. I am not an early riser, I get up around seven thirty. The first thing I do is go to the kitchen and put the tea pot on to boil water for tea. I then go back to my bedroom and make my bed. A made bed makes your room look neat and tidy even when it is not. It takes less than five minutes to do this. Then I put a load of laundry on, or spin out the clothes I have let soak overnight, and put those in the dryer. If it is nice out, they go on the clothes line. I then go to the kitchen and unload the dish washer, because I always fill it up the day before and run it at night. I check the dish rack and unload it too.

All this seems simple enough, it takes fifteen to twenty minutes. This routine makes a world of difference to how your day starts. I hate rushed mornings!!!! And I do this routine when there is a house full of people or just myself. Routine and discipline free us up to enjoy our lives. A messy, untidy house keeps you in a state of feeling hemmed in and pressed down by all the things you should do, and all the things you want to do. Now that the routine is completed, make your tea, and enjoy your tidy house. ~Starla

The little things in life make for an easier life, so remember:

  1. Put your tea pot on to boil or coffee pot
  2. Make your bed
  3. Either start a load of laundry, or spin the soaking clothes out, or fold the ones in the dryer
  4. Unload the dish washer, and drying rack
  5. Make your tea or coffee
  6. Enjoy some time to just be, and meditate, read the Word, or a good book, or if it is spring or summer, go water your flowers before the heat of the day comes!!!!



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