How to Grow Your Very Own Ginger Plant

Today’s post is all about how to grow your very own ginger plant. I learned this by accident, so trust me, even the most plant-challenged people can grow a ginger plant!

The First Step: Begin With Good Intentions…

The first step to growing your very own ginger plant is to get a big bowl. Place your big bowl on your counter top and fill it with good intentions, i.e. fruits and vegetables, including a fresh ginger root. Step two: neglect all your good intentions until they start sprouting little shoots. This works great with onions, potatoes and coincidentally, ginger roots. Once you have established that the ginger root has sprouted beyond what you can justify use for, now you can further its life by deciding that you should plant it.

Soak the root in warm water, but try to keep the sprouts above the waterline. I soaked mine over night. Plant your root of good intentions in a shallow pot. Water it sparingly so it doesn’t rot in the soil. Leave it alone and let it do its own thing. Eventually you will have a ginger plant.

I’m not even kidding you, it’s that easy.

Maintaining Your Ginger Plant:

This is a tropical plant, so if it gets cold, bring it in the house. Again, don’t over-water it…or leave it where your kids may or may not accidentally knock it over, killing it in its unlikely prime. Hopefully your plant will live long enough to separate out some additional roots to use medicinally, in cooking or to start more potted plants. Enjoy the fruits of your neglect and good intentions…haha! 😉 😉 😉 ~Shanna


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