Simple Sauerkraut

This recipe for simple sauerkraut is one of the cheapest and easiest lacto-fermented foods you can make. Look no further for the best possible way to get in all your probiotics. 

I looked up the price for a jar of lacto-fermented sauerkraut on Amazon, and the price averaged between ten and fifteen dollars. It is so much more cost effective to make your own and it is so good for you! It is not only a great source of probiotics, but it also provides high amounts of vitamin C as well as Choline.

For more information and lots of really helpful links on the health benefits of sauerkraut, check out Shanna’s blog post called Fermentation Class at For His Temple.

So the cost for this sauerkraut recipe will be around three dollars for a quart and a half, if you get your cabbage on sale. We hope you enjoy this really simple, probiotic-filled super food!

What you will need to make Simple Sauerkraut:

large bowl
organic cabbage (conventionally grown is usually on the “Clean 15 List” with minimal pesticides)
Celtic sea salt, or Himalayan sea salt
a large mortar
glass jars with lids
canning funnel


1 medium cabbage

1 Tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon of sea salt (This is all about taste! You may want more sea salt.)

You can also add dried or fresh dill. (This is also to taste, but I suggest 1 teaspoon dried.)


First, you will slice the cabbage and put it in a large bowl. You will definitely want the extra room!

Sprinkle the salt over it, and crush the cabbage and salt with the mortar. (You can also squeeze it with clean hands if you don’t have a mortar.)

When you have sufficient juice from the cabbage, fill your jars up, and make sure the cabbage is submerged.

Label your jars and allow to sit out for a couple of days to get the fermentation process started.

This recipe makes between 1 to 2 quarts, depending on the size of your cabbage.

Refrigerate up to a year.

The older the sauerkraut, the better it is!

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