Small Business Saturday

I have to confess, I hide away in my house and refuse to go anywhere on Black Friday…I’m just not that cut throat or competitive, and there is nothing that tempts me to jump into that fray. (If you dig Black Friday shopping, I’m totally cheering you on to scoring a sweet deal. Even if it’s not my thing, I will always support the idea of not paying full sticker price.)

However, in spite of my ‘hunkered down and hiding out’ status on Black Friday, I was happy to head on over to Antique Alley to support some of my favorite local businesses on Small Business Saturday. Our family always makes the effort to support local businesses because my husband is the fourth generation to work at his family’s business on Desiard st. in Monroe.

For all your radiator and alignment needs, head on over to Brown Radiator & Alignment! (please pardon my commercial break…)

I love that there is a day to celebrate small business, but here is where I come down on this topic: this could and should be a year-round thing. We have a beautiful opportunity to support the people in our own communities. It’s great to put a name and a face and a personality together with goods and services that you need and/or want for your life. I have talked to so many people in our area who have bragged on my husband and father-in-law because of the good work they do at the shop and how they took care of their vehicle. But even more so, I love it when people comment on the integrity of the men running the business. It makes my heart so proud!!! That’s what supporting local business is all about–people and their stories and the lives you touch!

Small Business Saturday Recommendations

In the West Monroe Area:

There are four stores on Trenton street that I visit every time, and they all recognize me when I walk in the door. (Que the Cheers theme song…”Where everybody knows your name…” ♪ ♫) They know that I completely geek out over cornflower Corningware, random dishes, and affordably priced, quality furniture pieces. Seriously, if you ever need dining room furniture or a dresser, chairs, sideboard, armoire, or a buffet, do yourself a massive favor and check out Southern Lady Antiques on Trenton street. I also love finding furniture and project pieces at Southern Style Antiques, which you can read about here. Of course, Cotton Port Antique Mall is another store that I can’t miss when I visit antique alley, along with the Ouachita River Trading Co. There are so many great stores, but those are my favorites, and they have been a huge help in furnishing and decorating our home!

Another place I visited on Small Business Saturday is over on 7th St. in West Monroe, called Frog’s Flea Market. They have a great selection of vintage treasures, antiques, crafty items and even some new pieces to choose from. The great thing about their location is that it is an entire strip mall of flea markets. You can spend all afternoon browsing through treasures in several different stores.

You should also check out The Eccentric across from Drew Elementary School on HWY 15. I found a brass tray there that I love!

Recommendations in the Wapakoneta/Lima Area:

If you’re in the Wapakoneta, Ohio area, we really love Casa Chic! They have an awesome selection of goodies as well! Every time I go in there, I wish I could pull a Uhaul full of stuff home. I know Starla and Sierra have purchased a lot of beautiful items to use in their home, and I believe several others in our family have done so as well.

Another great store to check out is Mercy Unlimited, also on Antique Alley in Wapakoneta. I purchased two armfuls of children’s books there and Sierra got a really nice piece of luggage. They have a great selection of home goods and consignment clothing and shoes.

While you’re in the area, you can visit Everyday Furniture & More as well as The Auglaize Antique Mall and Relics. (Relics is like a retro/hipster nirvana…super cool and unique pieces!)

Last, but certainly not least, is Kelly’s Boutique in Lima, Ohio. Kelly has a great selection of clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry and more! AND, you will never meet a sweeter spirit to help you look and feel beautiful in your new digs!

I hope this inspires you to check out some of the local businesses in your area! If you are looking for affordable and unique ideas for Christmas, this is a perfect opportunity to keep your hard earned dollars in your community and bless the families who live and work among you! God bless and happy local shopping!

Here are my treasures that I purchased on Small Business Saturday:


  1. Valerie

    Mercy Unlimited thanks you for your support. As a nonprofit we rely on people like you to purchase as well as donate items for sale in our thrift store and to provide clothing and food we pass on to those we serve. Our food pantry, prison and homeless ministries along with other emergency programs help local people make ends meet and overcome hardship. Whether you shop here to save money or to support our causes it’s a win!

    • Shanna

      Yes! That makes it even better! Y’all are blessing people in so many ways, it’s an honor to support your efforts in the Kingdom! I hope this blog just serves as a confirmation that what you do is important and it makes a difference in people’s lives! May Abba Father continue to bless your ministry serving the people of your community! Merry Christmas!


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