“Party at the Punch Bowl!”

We coined the phrase “Party at the punch bowl!” after receiving some really good advice. My friend Alison once said to me, “If you want to get a party started, break out the punch bowl.” I have never forgotten that, and she is right, nothing says celebration like a punch bowl!

Party at the Punch Bowl Money Saving Tips!

One of the simple ways I save money in our home is through an old fashioned idea of wash and reuse again. Here are three examples of how to throw a party and save money using this concept:

Punch Bowls:

They are so pretty and you see them all the time at thrift stores, garage sales, and antique shops. It’s such a shame because they are a wonderful item that has gone by the wayside in the name of convenience.  A large batch of punch is so much easier and cheaper to make than buying copious amounts of soda for everyone. Not to mention, much better to avoid all the yucky stuff in sodas because you have control over the ingredients you use.

Luncheon Sets:

I started collecting luncheon sets a few years ago. I got my first two sets as a gift from my sister, Sierra. Luncheon sets are an ingenious idea. Each box has four luncheon plates and four small cups in it. They fit neatly away in a cabinet or buffet, and are perfect for entertaining. Churches and civic groups used to use them all the time. Back when people were still willing to take turns doing the dishes. I use them for entertaining, and I put them straight in the dish washer. Luncheon sets are essentially pressed glass. They are really lovely, but they are also very durable. These were made during the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. It was a time in which housewives still had baby showers, bridal showers, and card parties in their homes.

Cloth Napkins:

I use cloth napkins because they are so cheap and readily available. They are easy to wash, dry, or hang on the line. You could even try making your own out of vintage towels, flour sacks, or cotton sheets. I literally have all kinds of napkins that I have picked up from garage sales and thrift stores. I have sets that I have been washing for well over eleven years.

And finally, aesthetically speaking, cloth napkins, luncheon sets, and punch bowls are beautiful compared to paper or plastic. I also love them, because Americans are the trashiest people in the world. To be perfectly honest, we have a  cultural obsession with the disposable. We produce the most trash for the least amount of people in the world. I would personally like to help be a part of ending that. We can all help by doing what it says in Genesis 1 where God calls us to be good stewards of the earth. So, I encourage you the next time you are having a party, a gathering of friends, a bible study, or whatever, get out the punch bowl, luncheon sets and cloth napkins. Choose to be both frugal and fill your home with pretty things that can be reused again and again.

For more inspiration to throw your own “party at the punch bowl,” check out A Case for Snack Sets and Story Settings.


  1. Pamela Kennon

    Starks I always enjoyed parties at your house they are always perfect and make me feel special! So get that punch bowl out again real soon ?

    • Starla

      Pam, thank you for being so kind!!! You are so right we need to have another party!!! You are such a dear woman!!! God bless your week!!!

  2. Terri Spencer

    I absolutely adore spending time with you and our girlfriends at our parties! (Even Bradog loves them!) What a blessing to step back into a calmer, gentler time when we have a lovely afternoon with you and your sisters. Relaxing, loving and cherishing our time together.

    • Starla

      Terri, you are a gem!!! Thank you for your compliments!! You and Brad are Beloved people in my life!!! God bless you both!!!


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