Low Carb Inspiration: Yellow Squash Gratin

In spite of 13 years living in the south, I am still a meat and potatoes mid-westerner at heart. This is further enforced by the fact that most of what my guys are willing to consume, fits in these two categories: meat. potatoes. Nothing like a little variety, eh??? haha! Most of the time I have no problem coming up with a main dish…it’s just when I get to those pesky ‘side dishes’ that I run into road blocks. We eat tragically too little vegetables and very little variety. I like vegetables, I really do! I just sometimes feel like it’s wasteful to buy them when I am the ONLY one who eats them in my house! So, what I have been trying to learn is to just make small, simple dishes that I can prepare for myself. Cooking in ‘small’ portions is not my cup of tea, I must say…I’m used to cooking for an army…I mean, come on, if I’m gonna go to the effort to prepare a made-from-scratch meal, I’m gonna make it worth my while! AND, leftovers are the BEST kind of ‘fast food’. However, I do eventually tire of eating the same thing again and again…and yet again because I am the only one willing to eat it without serious threats and promises of retaliation. So here is a dish I prepared for myself the other night in hopes of adding some veggies and maybe avoiding potatoes for once. It is not completely without carbohydrates, but still less than I would have consumed otherwise. I figure the more ideas I can collect for quick and easy veggies, the more motivated I will be to prepare them for myself. My health and well-being are worth the effort. I hope this inspires you to take care of your body…to be a good steward of the temple of the Lord. I’m trying. It’s a struggle for me, but all things are possible through Christ who gives me His strength. Blessings! ~Shanna


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