Winter Blues and Pretty Pictures

It’s days like today- cold and rainy and depressing, that a girl could use a pick-me-up, a reminder of the beauty that she possesses. There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you know the winter blues are coming on.  No tan, no silky smooth skin, no vibrant sun-kissed hair, no sunshine. It feels like there’s only bulky clothing, snow boots, hairy legs and dry skin. In reality this is not totally true of winter, it has it’s beautiful looks with scarves and knee-high boots, cardigans and crocheted hats. But here in Ohio, the days are just so filled with gray skies that it’s sometimes hard to see the beauty of winter time, and the beauty in ourselves.

Have you ever had a photo of yourself that you think, “Oh, that’s a good one!”? I have to be honest and say that this does not happen to me very often. I really don’t love having my photo taken, I’d much rather be behind the camera, but on the rare occasion that someone snaps a picture of me that I actually like, I feel like I need a copy of it as something to remind me that I do have a beauty to offer.

In the spirit of this thinking, I have really come to enjoy taking photos of women in my life that need a simple reminder of their beauty. So far, the opportunities to do this have been few, and certainly nothing formal, but meaningful and wonderful none-the-less. Basically it’s just me, my camera, a beautiful subject and having some fun.

We all have a digital camera these days, or at least a friend that will let us borrow one, right? How about setting a time up with a friend to do each other’s makeup and hair and then take some photos of each other? Make it fun, make it light and wear something that makes you feel beautiful. There are all kinds of free editing programs online so that you can touch them up, make a border or convert your photos to black and white. Take one of your favorites, frame it and sit it on your night stand or dresser as a reminder. Post some on your Facebook as an album or as your profile photo. It’s not strange or vain, it’s simply something we all need as women- to be reminded every once in a while that we really do possess something that makes the world notice.

Be Blessed!




  1. Pamela Kennon

    I am so glad that my pictures are able to bring you some cheer on our gray depressing Ohio days, they truly have reminded me of my beauty not only inside but out 🙂 and to remind that being 50 yrs old can be HOT!!!!

    • Sierra

      Yes! I am so blessed by these photos! And I hope you are, too! Pam- you are one HOT momma!:D

  2. Serena Holbrook

    Love this!!!!


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