The Virtue of Thanks

Thanksgiving is approaching, and I wonder about the virtue of thanks and thoughtfulness. Like all virtues, in order for them to even matter or exist, we must practice them. One of the many ways that you can practically cultivate gratitude and thoughtfulness is by writing Thank You cards, Sympathy cards, Christmas cards, New Years cards, Letters of encouragement, Love notes, Get Well, Birthday and Easter cards, etc. In the digital age that we live in, never underestimate the power of the hand written word. A hand written note has the power to transform our day, encourage us, and it also is a tangible link to the fact that someone cares.

Like all good things, if you are not prepared and intentional, you will probably not actually practice this virtue.

Here are some practical tips to practice the virtue of thanks:

  1. Get an address book- Ollies, Half Price Books, Dollar Tree, and Dollar General are great places to find these inexpensively.
  2. Get some good pens- I like fine tip pens.
  3. Buy packets of thank you cards in bulk- Dollar General, Ollies, Dollar Tree
  4. Always have a book of stamps-preferably pretty ones
  5. Allocate a place for stationary, cards, pens, stamps, and address book
  6. Get a calendar and pass it around at Christmas so everyone can put their birthday down in it. Keep calendar and check each month for birthdays.
  7. Remember the card senders in your life!!! Remember the thrill of getting something in the mail that was yours, and not a bill!!!
  8. Buy stationary when it is on sale, and put it away for gifts, and for when you need extra.


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