The Book of Me

I don’t know about you lovely people out there, but there have been times (while dog-paddling through the mundane reality of everyday life) that I have had to literally stop dead in my tracks and ask myself, “Who am I? What do I like? What do I love? What are my passion and dreams??” And sometimes the answer to those questions has literally been, “Oh no! I think I forget!” And oh how Satan laughs when we forget the things that we love and the ways that we can bring beauty to the world! And so I have been on a mission, of sorts, to rediscover the things I love, that make me who I am.

Part of the credit for the launching of this mission has to go to a girl named Jenny that I met about a year ago. She had this really cool little book of ideas in her living room. It was basically an empty journal in which she pasted decorating ideas from various magazines. It was sort of just a place where she could keep ideas fresh for whenever she gets her first home. The idea was completely ingenious! So I was inspired to do the same. I decided to take it a step further and really get down to the nitty gritty- What are all of the things that I really love? Not just future home-decor stuff….I mean, what represents me? And so the adventure of finding out the answer to that question began!

First, we (Starla and I) started by praying that God would bring us some old magazines that someone wanted to get rid of! That way we didn’t have to spend any money on magazines that we were only going to chop into shreds. (I certainly wouldn’t have dreamed of cutting up my Vogue or W’s! Yikes!) So, of course, the Lord provided! Our friend Pam gave me a whole box of old Southern Living’s and Everyday Foods, my friend Heather gave me some of her old issues of Better Homes and Gardens, and sister Shanny sent us some old Conde Nast Traveler’s! Perfect! It was time to start flipping and snipping!

Pretty soon things were popping off of the pages like crazy. Fashion, shoes, trees, music, food, coffee, photos, dream homes and dream vacations! Suddenly the things I enjoy and love and want in my life were very clear to me. I remembered again! Thank God!

Shanna sent Starla and I both beautiful red-leather bound scrapbooks for Easter. It was the perfect way to display, “The Book of Me”! I cut out so much that it will probably take me quite a while to finish incorporating what I have, but each cutout will represent a little part of me. You will literally be able to shuffle through the pages and see a true glimpse of who I am. As a refresher, I may have to do that for myself sometimes! And then, of course, there are the new interests that I have experienced since I first started this project! That is the beauty of finding out who we are; The Lord keeps growing us and developing new interests and experiences to mold our lives. I am excited to see what comes next in The Book of Me. And I am excited to see what other beauty God will bring to my life!

Supplies needed:

-A blank journal, notebook or scrapbook. I liked the scrapbooks because I found that some of my cutouts would have been way too large for a journal.


-Tape or paste. I prefer these over glue because glue is too messy.

-Old magazines. Ask around to friends or people at work! Sometimes you can even find old magazines at thrift stores. Just pray about it like we did!:)

-An open mind. As you look at the photos, ask the Lord to remind you of the things you love or loved in the past. He will give you clarity!

Enjoy making your own personal “The Book of Me”! God Bless!




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