Feeding My Feminine Heart



I live in a home with three males, my husband and two sons. To drive home the significance of this arrangement I have to point out that I grew up in a home dominated by 6 females…my mom and her 5 daughters. I went from Estrogen City to Testosterone-ville…HA! Tell me that the God of all creation does not have a sense of humor! There is a definite contrast between my life then and my life now to say the least. Oh I love to see my boys rough housing with their dad…sword fights, shoot outs with toy guns, wrestling matches, video games and lots of noise. These are the things that train a boy in his masculine journey. It does my heart good to see how they interact…and quite frankly, it’s like watching a documentary on men and boys and what makes them tick. Sometimes I find myself in a moment of wonder just thinking…”Huh, well what do you know…I just learned something about men!”

I do sometimes miss being surrounded with other women though. I ache for my sisters sometimes. You know, it’s just not the same watching chic flicks by yourself! I think for a while I abandoned those things that fed my feminine heart….no, I know I did. So often, it just feels like work to do something special for yourself. I think also for women, it seems like such an indulgence….like we should feel guilty for taking an hour-long soak in a bubble bath reading a book by candle light. What I am finding is that those moments are precious gifts and that I am worth taking the time to enjoy them. I am worth it because I am a daughter of the King of kings, the Most High…and He ordains those sweet moments of respite and rejuvenates our feminine hearts.

So, here are some photos I took of my attempt at feeding my feminine heart. I found myself alone one Saturday morning and I decided to fix myself a lovely brunch for one. I confess my first thoughts drifted to how many dishes I was going to have to wash…HOWEVER….DON’T COUNT THE COST! Remember, this is a gift to yourself…just like a grown-up tea party! I would encourage you to find a little way of feeding your own feminine heart, whether that would be a long, hot bubble bath, a yummy cup of tea, a really good book…take the time to pamper your heart! It is the wellspring of life and you are worth it!

God Bless! ~ Shanna


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