Don’t Miss the Kisses

Today I am sitting on the front porch looking out over the trees clothed in sun washed amber, red and gold. There’s still a lot of green and brown mixed in the palette of the landscape, a testament to the year of extremes we have experienced. We had 26 continuous days of down pouring rain in the month of May, then just like a light switch in a dark room, it shut off completely. Northeast Louisiana endured 100 days without any significant rainfall over the summer months and into the fall. It’s strange to see swamp lands wilt into the valley of dry bones, but just like those sweet words of hope recorded by Ezekiel, the Faithful One has poured out his mercies and has literally breathed new life into the land over the last two weeks. All that was brown and seemingly dead has burst forth with a second wind and a final chorus before the blanket of winter returns it all to a season of slumber.

So where are the kisses in this story?

Don’t we all love a good kissing scene?

I love it when Mr. Darcy kisses Lizzie at the end of Pride and Prejudice, or when Gilbert Blithe finally (finally) kisses Anne Shirley on the bridge, and my heart melted to goo when Mr. Arthur Clennam finally realizes that he has loved Little Dorrit all along, lifting her in his arms and embracing her with a kiss.

But today, I’m speaking of a different kind of kiss. I’m talking about those sweet kisses that can only be experienced when your heart has been awakened to the Sacred Romance of the Kingdom of the Heavens…the gentle caressing of your heart when you have eyes to see and ears to hear the Kingdom at work.

So here are the kisses my heart is responding to this morning:

The drenching rains of May were enough to sustain us through the long months of intense sun and the parched atmosphere of the Louisiana summer.

The devastating deficit of rain for the year was overcome in a matter of two weeks of gentle, life-breathing waters from heaven.

Don’t those feel like tender kisses? The Sustainer did what he does best. He took care of us! He is so good!

Jesus is often described as the Lover of our souls. He is the bridegroom and we, the Church, are his Bride. But sometimes I wonder if we ever really think of him as our Lover. In the church we are encouraged to discover our partner’s love languages, but does Jesus have a love language he speaks to us? Of course, the entire written Word of the Bible is a love letter to us, but can we consider something for a moment? Doesn’t it make sense that the One who knows the very number of hairs on our heads, also knows us intimately enough to speak into our individual hearts our very own, unique love languages? Our kisses? Isn’t he the one who gave us that desire in the first place?

So today, I want to share with you some of my kisses. These were precious, holy moments when I felt Jesus’s presence, speaking to my heart and kissing my spirit. We live in a time when our cell phones are our constant companions, and these were moments when I happened to capture my kisses, so I can hold on to them and not forget the tender mercies of the Lover of my soul.

Have you ever experienced a kiss from the Kingdom? Have you ever paused to bask in the embrace of the One who loves you with an everlasting love? Did you even realize it was Him wooing your heart? Did you capture a moment with a picture? I would love for you to share your kiss with us in the comments! I pray that this little blog will inspire you not to miss the kisses! God Bless! ~Shanna



  1. Sarah

    Shanna I love this! You write in…Well…in 3d! What I mean is your words don’t just paint a picture on a flat canvas… there is so much depth and beauty that it truly jumps out at me!

    My kisses come from my family. From my silly husband and the efforts he puts forth to make life easier for me…And my beautiful daughter everytime she smiles, my heart melts. I waited so long for those two and it is so much like the Gilbert and Anne story when they finally kiss!!! In fact I always called Caleb my Gilbert Blithe. It was a desire of mine for years… but it was so worth the wait! God has blessed me beyond measure!

    • lifefullandfrugal

      Sarah, Thank you so much for sharing your sweet kisses with us! I’m so glad that Jesus came through for you and gave you your “Gilbert Blithe” and your beautiful daughter! =) She is so precious! I’m so grateful Jesus knows exactly what we need and his timing is always perfect. He is faithful! God bless you and your sweet family, Sarah! =) =) =)


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