Cleaning Out, Giving and Blessing Others

Today I am sharing some tips for cleaning out, giving and blessing others!

Cleaning Out For a New Season:

It seems like every year around the major changes in season, I think about going through my things and purging. I find this to be quite therapeutic. It really helps to make room for life. When you change from summer clothes to autumn and winter clothes, go through and see what you do not like. Set aside what does not fit, or just is no longer your style. I like to find friends or family who need them. You can also pass them on to the local thrift store. Another option is to see if there are refugees in your area who need some provisions. I also like to go through books, movies and magazines. You can drop them off at the local thrift store along with discarded clothing. But did you know that you can also donate books, magazines, and movies to your local library? Then they can sell them to benefit the library and raise much needed funds.

Blessing Others From the Garden:

This time of year is also a great time to cull your garden for any leftover produce. Either pick it and give it away, or let someone come and glean what is left. Another way to bless others with your excess produce is by taking some to your local food pantry. Maybe consider donating to a half way house. Take some to church and bless your church family. If you have excess canning jars laying around in your garage, offer them to your friends and neighbors along with the produce. My Mom used to have chickens and she was always sending home eggs with us. What a blessing they were, until the coons came in and ate them.

Blessing Others Will Bless YOU!

Here is my point. Blessing others out of your excess and with the things you do not need anymore, will bless you in turn. So get to cleaning and ridding out, as one of the older women in my life used to say. Cleaning out, giving and blessing others is a wonderful way to start a new season with a cleaner house and more storage room.


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