Mirror-Top Side Table All Dressed Up in Gold!

Several years ago when I redid our guest room, I was trying to find a small scale side table for a very tight space. I wasn’t having any luck finding exactly what I wanted, when I found a little stool at Southern Style Antiques on Antique Alley. It had a cushion attached to it that was barely hanging on, but I had a really good idea that I could make something out of it. I found a round mirror while I was looking around the rest of the store and immediately, I knew what I wanted to do. I removed the cushion and used a hot glue gun to secure the mirror to the wire frame of the stool. I had my doubts about the hot glue, but it has held up for all this time, so I’m gonna say it’s all good. The scale was just right and I really love how the mirror reflects any of the fluff and fru-fru that I display on top of it. It’s a great place to display jewelry or perfume, or a landing spot for a cup of coffee and a good book. It also works as a cell phone charging station when we have guests.

That little mirror-top side table has been a real work horse for the last several years!

It has worked so well, but I always thought it would be really pretty if I spray painted the bottom part gold to match the mirror on top. I really love doing DIY projects for my house, but the trick is not to let them look like a DIY project. I think the white plastic coating on the frame of the stool was kind of bringing it down, so I decided to give this little beauty a fresh new look with some gilded gold gams. This was a really easy project that anyone can do and it is super femme and pretty and gives my very girly guest room a little touch of DIY glamour! Check out the transformation and be inspired! God bless! ~Shanna

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