Dollar Store Christmas Decor

Hey friends! Today I am sharing how Starla and I decorated our home for the holidays with dollar store Christmas decor! Our house turned out so gorgeous and we didn’t have to spend a fortune!

So let me just say, there was a time when the thought of buying new Christmas decor never even crossed my mind. Not only did I not have the extra money, but we lived in a house trailer. We didn’t have an extra inch for any more than we had. (Starla has a LOT!) Now that we live in a bigger place, (and I’m not so poor!) it has been fun to be able to get some new things to fill in the little nooks. We were especially inspired in the last few months while watching some of Nigella Lawson’s Christmas specials from several years ago. Her house is always decked with lots of red lights and candle holders for Christmas and it is absolutely magical. I never realized how much I like red, especially for Christmas!

Dollar Store Christmas Decor

So recently, Starla and I had to run a few errands in town. We happened to stop in at The Dollar Tree. I could not believe the pretty little things they had for Christmas for $1 a piece! I won’t lie, I had been a bit skeptical about finding much in there. But after I looked around for a few minutes, I had to get a cart! I just kept finding such beautiful things! Check out these sparkling red mercury glass candle holders and glittery bells and pine cones. I placed them on our bookshelves in the living room. The glittered red bows are a really beautiful embellishment to the red lights on the bookshelves and the garland on the china cabinet! The large gold and red bulbs make the empty punch bowl look very bright and cheery as well!

Christmas Decor does NOT have to Break the Bank!

I would say these cheap, pretty little finds are proof that making your home extra beautiful for Christmas doesn’t have to break the bank! Keep an open mind and check out your local dollar or thrift stores. You might find some reasonably priced Christmas decor pieces for yourself. And of course, don’t forget the after Christmas sales that will make your pretty finds even more affordable!


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  1. Alison Manzer

    I love this! I want to do the punch bowl centerpiece:) When we lived in Ada we got all of our Christmas decorations from the Dollar General.


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