For The Love of Cookbooks

I have an obsession that borders on insanity–for the love of cookbooks! I have been collecting them for quite a long time now. One of the reasons I love cookbooks is because I love history, and if you want to know a very personal side of history, you learn about a particular culture’s food. When I was in high school, I became enamored with all things Italian. Yes, I was in high school in the nineties. Then my true love came along in the form of France, and all things French. I have a large selection of cookbooks from France, that I regularly pour over with hopes that all that sophistication will somehow absorb into me. Besides my mother, the woman who has most influenced my understanding of cooking would be Martha Stewart. Whether you love her or hate her, she has done more for the average woman and food than anyone in our culture–accept for Julia Child, in my humble opinion. Needless to say, I have a lot of her cookbooks.

My Latest Cookbook Obsession

So my latest obsession is Nigella Lawson. I adore her!!! She has been so inspiring, and so freeing. First off, I wish I had a fraction of her beauty. I love the ease she has with herself. Somehow it gives me permission to be kinder to myself. Everything about her seems to say death to perfectionism. She just seems to invite you into all that a woman was supposed to be: sensuous, curvy, round, witty, kind, creative, beautiful, enjoyable, moody, cyclical, and bit mysterious. I want to say thank God for Amazon! I have been able to buy several of her cookbooks used for next to nothing. Hooray!!! And I have another praise, this time for YouTube because she has her own channel. I have watched many of the episodes that have given me endless inspiration.

Cookbook Club!

So I am a cookbook junkie. But I am rather ashamed to admit that i do not always even make anything out of the cookbooks I love. So recently, I was on Pinterest and there was a pin that really inspired me. It suggested starting a cookbook club. It is like a book club, but instead of choosing a book, you choose a cookbook. Everyone makes something from it, and then you review the cookbook. Each month someone hosts it, and it is a chance to get out, and a chance to cook, and indulge in cookbooks. I love the idea, and so I think this is a plan worth executing for the new year.

Here are a few of the cooks books I love:


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