Beverages: the Forgotten

Okay, one of my pet peeves is not having any beverages to drink. It seems that drinks are the last thing anyone ever thinks about when serving a meal. We grew up drinking ice tea–which is utterly delicious–but it is loaded with sugar. I am not a drink nazi, and still drink an ice tea with lemon on occasion. But I consider it a treat. One of the reasons I started fermenting quite a few years ago, is that I wanted something to drink besides water. Sometimes you just need flavor and I wanted the all important fizz.

Beverages I Love to Keep on Hand:

On my quest for beverages, I discovered an old standby. I combine sparkling water with fruit juice and a splash of unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. We call this a spritzer. In addition, I always make big batches of kombucha, kefir sodas, copycat Kevita, and kvass.

Recently, I attempted making beer, and I discovered the joy of Belgian Style wheat and fruit beers. I started tasting inexpensive wines from Aldi, and I like semi sweet white ones. Lastly, I found french sodas on sale at TJ Maxx and Aldi. We keep them around for Holidays and for when guests come over. The french sodas are a real blessing because I can also use the swing top bottles for Kombucha.

Beverages Enhance Your Meal!

The beverage can be a real enhancement to your meal, especially when it is fermented. When you are enjoying a meal or a treat, you have the extra enzymes available while you are eating to break your food down. Fermentation also gets rid of most of the excess sugar that you do not need.

All these beverages really need to be placed in cold storage. I would love a cellar, but I do not have one. However, a friend gave us an old refrigerator. The door is bit a bowed, but a cement block firmly against the door seals it up!!! I call it the basement fridge. It is a place where, at a moments notice, I have something to grab for a refreshment or to serve at a meal. So, my tip for you is don’t forget the beverages!


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