Little Blessings at Downtown Discount

A couple of weeks ago, our sister Serena had us over for a night of drinking good coffee, talking, laughing and facial hair removal. Much to our delight, she had recently bought a hot wax bowl for doing facial waxing at home. After waxing both Starla and I’s brows, she then proceeded to do Starla’s makeup. Star had mentioned that she was hoping to find a “new look” and Serena was only too happy to oblige! After doing a fantastic job on Starla’s makeup, I asked her if she would also do mine (much to her surprise!). Let me tell you, I am not into other people doing my makeup. For some reason they always try a smokey eye on me and then I come away from the experience looking like a man in drag….or a scary clown. So far no one seems to know my facial dynamic better than me. But it was late and it didn’t matter if I turned out looking like a man in drag! I was going to go home and go to bed anyway, so I insisted that she give it a whirl! The result was amazing. It was as if she had unlocked something that I hadn’t been able to find the key to. I have always struggled with dark circles around my eyes and the key seemed to be a light concealer around the bottoms of each eye. You might be thinking, “Duh, Sierra!”….I know! Why hadn’t I thought of that? Either way, it was great and literally changed the look of my whole face, giving it a cleaner, more evenly balanced look. By the way, the rest of the makeup was super as well! Every color she used was spot on. At the end of the evening we wrote down the brands, and colors and names of all of the makeup she used that we really liked, so that we could look for it the next time we went makeup shopping. Star and I figured each of us would have to spend at least $50 or more on all the makeup that we had written on our little wish lists. Wow! These purchases were going to have to be made in spurts.

The next week we were in Lakeview helping our sister Skyla move into her new place, and at the end of the day, we thought we would pop into a local grocery store called Downtown Discount. They are apparently well known for their meat section, but they also usually have large buy-outs and bins full of the most random merchandise. I had my eyes peeled for makeup, but wasn’t having any luck. Suddenly I strolled around the corner and found two large banana boxes full to the top with every kind of makeup that you can think of! What made it even better was that the sign above the boxes said, “All Makeup $.99” Pretty awesome! You might be thinking, at that price it was probably all old and crusty and outdated, but it wasn’t. Most of it was really nice stuff. I walked out with new foundation (Revlon), powder (Almay), blush (Covergirl), bronzer (Jane), five different eye shadows, eyeliner (Almay), lipgloss (Maybeline), nail polish (Essie) and two different concealers (Almay)! Starla also found just as much as I did, if not more. She even found the very eyeshadow that we had both loved so much from our little makeovers with Serena. If you must know, it is called “Mink” by Covergirl. 😉 In the end we both spent about $15 on all new makeup! Such a blessing!

The moral of the story is this- If you have a desire to make a change and feel more beautiful and feminine, it is possible. And if you don’t have tons of money to buy new clothes or shoes, or in this case, new makeup, ask and you shall receive! Keep an eye out in your local newspapers for drug store ads! Sometimes drug stores have great coupons for makeup (Thank you, Heather Redmon, for the tip!). Also, have a good look around your local discount and buy-out stores for makeup and skincare products. The Lord knows the true desires of our hearts and He will provide. He cares that much about the details! Amazing, right?! I hope this inspires you! God Bless!

P.S. And for all you gals out there that only use mineral makeup, they did have some! I saw both ELF and Physicians Formula in those banana boxes. 🙂

And, of course, much thanks to our beautiful sister, Serena! Your makeover was a true inspiration!




  1. Peggy Evans

    Wow, thanks for the info. I havent been to the Downtown Gro. in a while. Ill make it soon. Love your blogs and your way of writting.

  2. Sarah

    Love this!! You are beautiful inside and out…and now I want Serena to do mine!!


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